City Slickers

It was one of those random days where I had too much free time and so I decided to watch a movie as all the series that I have been following has come to an end. That means that I have to wait one more year before the next season comes out which is really a very long time. So I checked my sister’s external drive and went to the “Movies” folder and began searching for the movie that might just take away the boredom that I’m feeling.

There was so many though so I opted to choose randomly and my eyes just happened to stop at City Slickers. I haven’t heard of that movie so naturally I Googled it because that’s what I always do before I watch a movie so I can read some reviews. I found some pretty good ones and so I decided to give it a go and after watching it I thought of writing my own movie review.

In case you’re too young for this, City Slickers is that 1991 American western comedy film that starred Billy Crystal in the leading role. Yes, it’s so old I wasn’t even born myself when the movie came out. Initially I thought the movie was gonna be another boring and old Hollywood production but surprisingly I found it really entertaining.

It was funny in that it had its moments where I just had some really good laughs. But somehow, it’s even better because even if it’s a comedy I have learned some life lessons in the movie and that’s what makes it so touching. The protagonist is experiencing a midlife crisis in his very ordinary life and he’s thinking about how his life has been a failure. I may not be experiencing this right now but I can see myself in the future and I wonder if my life would be like this. I definitely don’t want that to happen to me.

What I realized is that our lives become boring and mundane because we keep on doing the same things all over again. We should not limit ourselves to the things that are easily accessible to us. We should learn to get out there and do things that we don’t normally do.

Let’s go on vacations with friends, go to a place far from home, get out of that comfort zone and do things that scare the hell out of you and challenge yourself every day to do something you never though you would have done. The most important thing is do it with crazy people that you love so that you will create memories that are worth keeping.

I have to say that in general it’s a pretty great film because it’s a mixture of comedy, drama and action and it was delivered in such a way that you can enjoy it. The actors were really good too in playing their characters especially Billy Crystal and Jack Palance.

So if you are ever bored or you just find yourself wanting to watch a good film then I recommend watching this one with your friends. Who knows you might even get some crazy ideas on what to do in the next few days of your not so interesting life.